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To Send Light Into the Darkness of Men's Hearts, Such is the Duty of the Artist.  --- Robert Schumann

I am a classically-trained pianist in Edmond, Oklahoma, who loves to share the joy of music-making through accompanying, performing, and teaching.

Although I started playing the piano at a very young age, it took me a long time to get to where I am now. In my early years, I chose to become a pediatrician specializing in pediatric cardiology, and devoted myself to save lives of children who were born with serious heart diseases. Dealing with various life-and-death situations on a daily basis, music was my consolation. After a long day of struggles for sick children and their worrying families, I would turn on my YAMAHA digital piano, put the headphone on and play my favorite classical tunes for myself. Music always took me to somewhere beautiful, and such imaginary trip gave me courage to fight against illnesses for my little patients for another day.

Music is powerful. Music touches the place that medicine cannot reach. Physical wounds may not be healed by music, but one will find peaceful mind through music. I believe the power of music, and that is why I decided to dedicate myself fully to deliver music to others. Now, completing my Bachelor's and Master's degrees of Music in Piano Performance, I am proud to be a full-time musician. And music is continuing to be my number-one passion and love.


As a piano accompanist 

I am primarily a piano accompanist. I love playing, and I find the deepest joy of music-making when playing with others as their accompanist. I enjoy building a musical partnership with vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages and levels, and it is my ultimate joy to share such collaborative effort with the audience. Please visit my accompanying page to learn more about my accompanying service. Please know that you will become my top-priority when you hire me as your accompanist, because accompanying is my primary job, not the side job to earn extra cash while trying to become a solo pianist. I am passionate about music, and I love my musical world broadened through accompanying, by meeting wonderful musicians and playing the pieces that I would not ever have known unless I was an accompanist. I look forward to sharing my passion with you, and getting inspired by you for exciting music-making together.


Other Performances

I love to play and share the music in many ways. I perform with my husband Greg (who has been my private teacher forever) as a piano duo team "DuoFisher." In addition, there are many piano solo works that I love to play, and I love to share them in a more private setting than a concert hall. I would like to visit people who cannot attend formal concerts due to illness and other conditions, and give a private home concert. Music is like a prayer. I may not be the greatest artist that Robert Schumann mentioned in the quotes above, but I can let the music shed some lights to those who are suffering, even just for a moment. To learn more, please visit my Prayer page.

Also, please visit the Listening Room for the videos of my performances.


As a Piano Teacher, especially for children with special needs

Teaching is just another way to share the love of music. I especially enjoy teaching music to individuals with special needs who love music but have not been given a chance to develop skills to make music on their own. The only requirement to become my student is that he/she has to love music and he/she is the one who wants to take piano lessons, not their parents. Then I will help them explore the joy of music-making on the piano. It will be a process of musical self-discovery, regardless of ability/disability. Please visit my teaching page for more information. You can also read about my experience with speciial needs children here.


Thank you for visiting my page. I look forward to sharing music with you someday, somewhere.

Miho Yamada Fisher (山田美保)




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